Change Breakthroughs for Organization Transformation

Managing Change

Change is inevitable specially when it comes to the world of business. With this program, we help leaders proactively lead in the execution of the different changes that happen in the workplace. Based on your company's needs, we develop a program that helps employees learn to support and welcome change as well as teaches leaders to manage their employees and help them cope with the different shifts which may occur within the company. This program also includes helping leaders communicate plans of change to employees so that the organization can cope with change as a strong, cohesive unit.


Leading Change Plan

This intervention focuses on helping leaders proactively lead and manage change. We use our ever-effective Open Space technology to help assess and address the company's different situations and challenges. With this program, we aim to help enhance the abilities of your company's leaders to manage both personal and organizational change so as to equip your organization with the skills needed to cope with the dynamic world of business. We use the STEP Enterprise Development framework of our partner Enterprise Development International based in Palo Alto, California to plan and enable change.


Third Party Talent Assessment and Right-sizing

One of the most challenging things for an organization to undergo is talent assessment and right-sizing. This program aims to help company leaders assess managers, officers and employees based on the company's future and strategic human resource requirement, against core and functional job descriptions, performance and other factors such as traits and competency based behavior. This program provides a professional panel which helps company leaders determine the best improvement and development actions after assessing their talents. Sometimes, organizations in order to survive need to "right size". This means right-sizing the work force to fit the organization's current and strategic needs. Here, we also help all transitions occur smoothly to avoid disruption and ensure continuity during periods of organizational change. This program helps affected employees so they can move forward in terms of their lives and careers.


Communications Planning & Programming

The success of a business hinges, among other things, on the ability of leaders to manage communications with their employees and different important stakeholders. Based on your change plans, we help you come up with an effective communications plan. We help align your communications systems with the company's core values and current needs. We assist in stakeholder analysis and management, defining audiences, media and messages and monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness.


Change & Care for Leavers and Survivors

We at Ancilla believe that Human Resources are one of the company's most valuable assets—it is your company's work force that builds your business. Our Change & Care program takes a humane approach to the often painful and challenging process of right-sizing. We offer coaching and training for both the leavers and survivors of the right-sizing process.

In our Change & Care for Leavers program, we provide training and coaching that focuses on moving forward and seeking out new means of employment. With this program, we ensure that employees are ready and well-equipped to begin their new work lives. We arm them with skills that will help them land jobs that will ensure their futures.

On the other hand, we also know how challenging it can be for those who survive right-sizing to cope when their coworkers have left—our Change & Care for Survivors program helps employees who remain with the company find encouragement amidst the changes in the workplace. With this program we help encourage growth and motivation in their professional lives by helping them cope with the changes in the organization.



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